Project Description

We are in the expand mode at LCAAHC again. With a great donation of a house from the City of London, we are ready to start work on a new commercial kitchen. We are grateful and happy to have the added space. It will not only give us a commercial kitchen but also more space for meetings and storage space for our produce and canned goods. With this new addition it also allows us to become even more sustainable for the future. It also allows us to be able to offer a new outlet to our grower.

Before all this can happen ,

we must first have the house moved to its new home at the rear of our building at 119 Short St. This means taking the house off the existing foundation, load it on a frame made of I beams to make a trailer and make ready for the midnight move through the streets of London, Ky. This is just the start of the blog. I will update as work begins in the weeks to come.

20151111_171845  20151111_171849  20151112_090845  20151112_090759  20151112_090803  20151112_104131

These are pictures of the foundation being framed and poured.  Now we have to wait for two more weeks so that the concrete can set good, then our commercial kitchen will make its move down the streets of London to its new home.