We would like to Thank Everyone that came out and Celebrated with us on January 16, 2017. We had a great Martin Luther King Jr. Day! The children expressed themselves and put a lot of thought and heart into the activities provided for them. Many won cash prizes and material things to take home in remembrance of this year’s celebration. We had lots of fantastic music by various people in our community; The South Laurel High School Choir did an outstanding job. Open Arms House of Prayer members also out did themselves. Great big thanks to the White Family; Miss Phoebe was awesome with the National Anthem. Thank You, Mayor Rudder for welcoming everyone and your encouraging remarks as the North & South Laurel High School ROTC led our March down Main Street. Our speaker Mrs. Michelle “Niecy” Ross did an amazing job with her speech to our Community. We also want to thank the entire staff who makes our celebration possible.

Everyone Is Invited To Come Out And Join Us Next Year!