20160220_155720We held our first ever Tea Social here at the LCAAHC, on February 20th. It was an invitation only event, with a select group of ladies. We wanted to see how our community would respond to an activity with requirements, such as wearing your best hat. As you can see in the pictures, it was a great success.


Mrs. Nora, & Mrs. Wilda


Mrs. Barbara & Ms. Pamela


Mrs. Bonnie & Mrs. Sarah


Ms. Marjorie & Ms. Diane

Hearing the soft voices and giggles from the ladies just warmed my heart. Two of the ladies graced us with the knowledge that they were above 70 years old and this was the first Tea Party they have ever attended or been invited to. This was a shock to me because, I thought gatherings like this accrued quiet often in their younger days.


Ms. Teea


Mrs. Sarah


Mrs. Bonnie


Ms. Marjorie & Ms. Diane

The fur (George) was a big hit! Most of the ladies tried him on and posed for their individual snapshot. Teea, The Tea Social Hostess decided to wear him as part of her outfit for the evening. All the ladies enjoyed getting to feel how soft he felt laying across their shoulders.


Mrs. Barbara


Mrs. Nora


Mrs. Wilda


Mrs. Diane


Mrs. Bonnie

Our Tea Social consisted of a variety of different Tea’s; Classic Black Tea, Hibiscus Tea, Earl Grey with Lavender Tea, and Norfolk English Breakfast Tea. The Hibiscus seemed to be the favorite. I have to say this was a delightful gathering that all the ladies enjoyed. We will be hosting another in the future, possibly with a different themes and ladies.